Hanuman Mantra-The God of Bravery


Hanuman Mantra

Hanuman is one of the most popular gods worshipped by the Hindus. Hanuman is a very important character in the epic of Ramayana. Hanuman Mantra is so beneficial in fulfilling the genuine wishes of people. It confers, wealth, health, prosperity and happiness on those who chant it with due reverence and concentration. Hanuman is also called chiranjeeva, one who has no death. Therefore, chanting Hanuman mantra can remove the fear of death.

Hanuman Mantra 

Manojavam Maruta Tulya Vegam

Jitendriyam Buddhi Madam Varishtam

Vatadmajam Vanara Yuta Mukhyam

Sri Rama Dhutam Sharanam Prapatye


Translation of Hanuman Mantra 

One who is so fast like that of the mind and the god of air

One who has conquered the senses and one who has a superior intellect

One who is the son of Lord Vayu (god of air) and the one who is the most important head of the Vanaras


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